Brief history and testimony

I. Brief history:

The reason for our establishment: In July 2011, President Dr. Elizabeth Leung and Rev. Poling, inspired by God, visited various Christian churches. The purpose was to understand the real situation and their needs. After praying and waiting on the Lord, God’s calling became clear. As a result, Emmanuel Bible School of China (EBSC) was born.

II. Our specialty:

Our purpose is to train ministers, church leaders and lay workers to serve the Lord. Our aim is to develop servants for the Lord with spiritual character. These workers will grow spiritually and live a disciplined Christian life, and prepare themselves to serve the Lord.

III. Diploma in Pastoral theology

Sixty-two (62) credits are required. This program had started in September 2011. The first group of candidates for this diploma graduated at the end of 2013. These graduates can begin serving the Lord in churches. The second group of students began on September, 2013. They graduated on July 24th in 2016. The third group of students began on September, 2014. The forth group of students began on September, 2016, They graduated together on October 19 in 2018.

IV. Intensive Courses- B.TH. in Pastoral theology ( 3 yrs.)

Now the fifth group of students started on Sept. 8 in 2018. Let's God guide us teaching the students and the other audit students would like to attend some courses in 2018 to 2021. They will graduate on December in 2021.

V. Diploma in the servant of Christ theology ( 2 yrs.)

Now the sixth group of students started on Sept. in 2019. Praying God calls the servant of Him. The purpose of these classes will be to concentrate in training Christians and church leaders. They will graduate together on December in 2021.

VI. Day and Evening classes:

We have day and evening classes in our new facilities: "Devotional Calligraphy ", "Mandarin Language", "Man small Group", "Children Play Therapy"etc. The purpose of these classes are to concentrate in training Christians and church leaders.

VII. Testimonies:

From a man’s view point, this Bible school began at ground zero, but actually, Jesus Christ had established the foundation for this ministry. God first loved us. He has special plans for us. All we need to do is to follow.

Things we are thankful for:

1. We are thankful for our students, instructors and volunteers -

In eight years, God had provided co-workers with the same mind and desire for this ministry. These co-workers have been serving as board members, teachers and laborers. They serve with the love for the Lord. They give their time, prayers as well as financial support – to train workers to serve the Lord. May the Lord reward them for their labor of love for our Savior.

2. We are thankful for our facilities –

In April 2012, the Lord had moved a loving Christian couple to give EBSC more than one thousand square feet of office and class-room space.

The greater miracle was that the Lord provided an international engineering organization named MMM to finish the renovation by September 2012. Praise be to God for His provision.

3. We are thankful for the Bible School’s registration with the government

Our school has been approved Tax Exemption status on October 3, 2013. Praise the Lord for the successful application!

We pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work behind the scene and to unite us all to serve Him in this commission.

May the Lord bless the work of our hands and to strengthen our faith in His calling.

May the Holy Spirit keep us and use us in this ministry.

May our Heavenly Father receive all the glory, honor and praise.


Dec. 28. 2019

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