Newsletter (2018)

The “exceptional type” of Training and Counseling Ministry

        In October 2014, Rev. Law, a long time and spiritual pastor, came from overseas to visit our ministry.  He also visited some of our students and their families.  Rev. Law originally thought that our ministry was more or less the same as other Bible school training ministries.  After his visit, he was amazed at our “Pastoral Diploma” curriculum and training strategies.  We do not use general and usual wholesale training methods,   but we focus on academic and practical training. 

        The duration of our specially designed 62-credits certificate training is two years and three months.  Students meet in class one day a week for six hours, so the students have sufficient time to review and also to put into practice what they have learned in their respective ministries.  Our goal is to focus on quality instead of quantity.  We limit our classes to twenty students each.  That’s why Rev. Law calls us the “exceptional type” of training ministry.  He encourages me personally to keep on in our endeavors – which include caring for each student and also his/her family; we should understand each student has hidden talents and God-given gifts to accomplish God’s purpose and calling.  We encourage the students to treasure their training, and we call on their families to serve the Lord fervently together.

        As I look back in the seven years of our ministry, I personally experienced the Lord’s leading, preserving, caring and providing for our every need.  God amazingly provided the instructors who are sacrificial, faithful and willing to accept God’s calling for this training ministry.  The miracle of it all is that God sends us exceptional students who are eager to learn, to grow, and to serve our precious Lord.  For these I am very grateful to the Lord.

        Our facilities, equipment, personnel, and materials are all providentially supplied by the Lord.  Praise the Lord that He provided financially often at our time of need.  He touched and moved hearts at the perfect time.  As we continue to progress and develop,  our needs are also getting bigger.  We depend on your financial and prayer support for our ministry.  We cannot hire any full-time co-workers because of limited financial resources.  At the present time, we can only depend on part-time and volunteer co-workers to handle academic and administrative matters.  

        We are especially thankful to receive our “tax-exempt charitable organization” status recently from the government.  We hope that you can partner with us in our ministry.

God bless,

EBSC President, Leung, Siu-Fong (Elizabeth)